by Gregory Amenoff

President, National Academy of Design

(an excerpt)

The kids are not all right, nor are we. How we are or how we even understand how we are is the subject of Eric Schnell's gorgeously tonal drawing "The Builder". As Howard and Goicolea offer up exterior landscapes rife with suggestions of the interior, Schnell offers a glimpse into the interior posited as an exterior space. The clutter of memory, thwarted desire and the residue of psychic pain are all represented in Schnell's jerry rigged cave/hut. Our protagonist (he is we) is condemned to attempt to construct order (the blocks) while all the time blinded by a self-imposed prison. We just don't have a clue do we? Looking at Schnell's drawing is like looking into a mirror.

...In four of these artists, light carries much of the message ranging from the blank and banal light of Howard and Goicolea to the interior twilight of Schnell to the exterior twilight of Walters. The symbolists referred to the hour of twilight as being "entre chien et loup"- the hour between the dog and the wolf. I have always loved that expression and for both Schnell and Walters it seems to fit.

April 2005

published in conjunction with the Joan Mitchell Foundation grant recipient exhibition at CUE gallery, NYC