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Life Drawings: Beth Campbell, Danica Phelps, Eric Schnell


Show extended through March 4, 2005

Life Drawings, a compelling group exhibition currently on view at Arthouse, does not revolve around a theme so much as it does a general approach to art-making, one that involves variations on the act of drawing, note-taking, and record-keeping. This approach is modeled on the personal diary (or maybe the sketchbook), with an important difference: that which typically remains hidden, either in the studio or the bedroom, is here exposed to public scrutiny.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Life Drawings was the variety of experiences-visual, intellectual, emotional, and corporeal-that it afforded. This is a direct result of Regine Basha's adept selection of works. Each one, from Eric Schnell's installation to Danica Phelps' charts and drawings to Beth Campbell's video, employs a different method of production, which is also a different mode of communication. As a result, Life Drawings requires the viewer to multi-task: she not only looks, reads, feels, thinks, and moves, often simultaneously, she also assumes different roles, such as confidant and voyeur, depending on the work at hand.

Life Drawings is a demanding exhibition (for many of the reasons that it is a strong exhibition), but it is well worth the effort.

-Claire Ruud