Shelf Drawing, Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, TX.

shelf drawing3



















This drawing was done directly on a shelf that is built into the entrance room of the gallery. It took about one week to complete and measured 18 inches wide and 20 feet long. There are two sets of small clay feet that stand facing each other across the drawing.

Additional images of this work:


shelf drawing


Scanned images of entire shelf below (thanks to Chad Sager).

The Following images were scanned directly from the shelf with a hand held scanner. The clay feet were removed. While some visual errors result from the difficulties of matching the many individual scans, this is still the best way to see most of the drawing.

Details from Shelf Drawing:

shelfdetail1 shelfdetail2shelf detail 3 shelf detail 4shelfdetail5

This is the entire right half of the drawing:

entire right side

This is the entire left side of drawing:


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